Vote for Rewards!

Do you want to help the community grow? Do you want to earn points that can be spent on cool ingame rewards? Then you’re in the right place! Simply vote for our three main servers every day and you can earn points that can be spent on dinos, blueprints, and items on our servers. Click the three links below and log in with your steam account to vote and boost our rank.

Voting Rewards

  • 40 votes - Ultra Tier Creature
  • 30 votes - Normal Tier Creature
  • 20 votes - Quality 10 Blueprint
  • 15 votes - Pet Tier Creature
  • 5 votes - Dino Recolour/Skin

Dino tiers can be seen at the link below.

Reward Rules

Although we like to have a good variety of rewards available, in the interest of balance we do have some other requirements for claiming rewards.

  • You must reach the unlock level in the link below before being able to claim that creature as a reward.
  • You must be high enough level to unlock the engram for the item before claiming a blueprint.
  • All dinos are spawned with random stats at the level they would be if obtained normally.

Claiming Rewards

Until the "vote store" is finished, you can claim your rewards at the start of the next month by contacting an admin in-game or in Discord.

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