We have a dedicated admin team who’re always on hand to help deal with pretty much any issues you encounter. Below you can read some general troubleshooting tips as well as learn how to help us give you the best support we can.

Although we’re all here to help, there are limits to what we can do. Below is some guidance on the kinds of things we can and can’t help with:

We will help with the following things without screenshots:

  • Items and dinos lost due to ingame bugs. Within reason we will attempt to reimburse your lost items/dinos.
  • Body bags being stuck in inaccessible locations.
  • Dinos and players stuck in the terrain or other players bases.
  • Dino and structure ownership issues caused by tribe bugs.

We will help with the following things, but only with screenshot evidence:

  • Items and dinos lost due to bugs while transfering servers. If you are transferring an amount you do not want to permanently lose, take a minute of your time and screenshot the contents before you download.
  • Bases being built too close to another player. We will make a decision on these kinds of issues if you’re unable to sort it out amongst yourselves.

We won’t help with the following things without an exceptional reason:

  • Dinos lost due to misplacing or leaving on wander, including escaping from a pen.
  • Being unable to get back to your body after a death.
  • Dinos killed by wild creatures that spawn in that area.
  • Losing ownership of structures and dinos due to leaving the tribe.
  • Items lost due to dying while offline. This can so easily be rectified by storing valuable belongings in a chest.

I cannot connect to the server for the first time!

  1. Head into the steam client and open the view menu in the top left
  2. Select servers from the dropdown, and go to the favourites tab in the servers box
  3. Click add a server, then enter the IP for the correct server in the box;
    • The Island -
    • Scorched Earth -
    • Aberration -
    • Extinction -
    • Genesis -
    • Crystal Isles -
    • The Center -
    • Ragnarok -
    • Valguero -
    • Fjordur -
    • The Chasm -
    • Event Server 1 -
    • Event Server 2 -
  4. Click “find games at this address” and add the server once it shows up
  5. Launch the game normally and the server should now appear in the ingame favourites list.

I'm getting a mod mismatch error!

This error means that either
a) A mod needs updating on the server, or
b) One of the mods on your client is corrupted
If a, ping admins in discord and let us know. We’ll get the server updates asap. If b, head into steam and unsubscribe and resubscribe to all the mods on the cluster. Once they’ve re-downloaded you should be able to join the server.

No servers are showing in the transfer terminal!

Make sure “show passworded” isn’t checked in the bottom left corner. If it isn’t, keep refreshing and they’ll show up eventually.

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