About Our ARK RP Server

Here you can find info about our roleplaying server.


General Rules and Info

  • Don’t be a twat.
  • To join the RP server you must apply via the application and be added to the whitelist.
  • Joining Discord is not required, but highly preferred as that is a regular communication channel.
  • PVP is allowed on the RP server, but restricted to designated areas and times. See PVP Rules for more info.
  • Exploiting and hacking is taken very seriously and can result in a no-warning ban.
  • Tribes are limited to 5 members.
  • Seasons will be around 3 months long, depending on community interest and story.
    • Each season end means a wipe and likely map switch, but you will be allowed to “escape” with your character. You may also take 1 creature, but no items.
  • There are two factions.
    • Each faction has an alliance. This is how you indirectly “join” the faction.
    • Players are not required to join either faction and can remain neutral.
    • The benefit of joining a faction is the ability to set up a store in that faction's market area. There are no other benefits or consequences for not joining.
    • If you align with one faction, your character should agree with their core belief system and values as much as would make sense for your character.
    • You are allowed to leave the alliance and switch to another if for an RP reason.
    • You cannot belong to both alliances at once.
  • Keep in-game and out-of-game relationships separate. If for some reason you do have an issue that can’t be solved in-character or you feel someone is breaking rules, bring it to admin attention privately using our ticket system.

RP Rules

  • RP in English only.
  • Playing your character should be your priority over game mechanics. If it doesn’t make sense for your character, don’t do it. This includes things like creating your character with goofy body shapes or using skins that wouldn’t make sense.
  • Any gender, race, or alignment - real or fake - can be used, minus “god” types. If you choose to play something “powerful”, bear in mind the “powergaming” rule (12).
  • One character per person, no “alts”.
  • Voice chat is not mandatory, just highly preferred due to the delay of text. At the very least you must have voice chat enabled so you can hear people.
  • No music or obnoxious sound effects over voice and keep all background noise to a minimum.
  • All text chats in-game are considered to be in-character communication. For emergencies only, communicate out-of-character using brackets - (( or [[.
  • If you need to go afk while in the middle of RP, try to find a good RP excuse for it. “Gotta go to the bathroom badly” and then run for a bathroom in-game for example.
  • Regarding “mail” systems, every character should have a mailbox in-game. Discord DMs will be allowed, but must be in-character when relevant to RP.
  • There is a Discord channel for people to advertise their shops and services. This is to be treated as a bulletin board, so don’t start a conversation in that channel, DM the person or contact them in-game.
  • No “metagaming” - this means you must keep in-character and out-of-character knowledge separate. If there’s no feasible way your character could know about something that you know, then you must act like your character doesn’t know. This includes using the tribe log and notifications to find out info you wouldn't know about otherwise.
  • No “powergaming” - this means no forcing another player’s actions or bending the will of the world around you unrealistically.
  • No “name tagging” - this is a form of metagaming. In real life people don’t walk around with name tags, so if you have not been introduced to someone or told about them or their actions in-character, you don’t know them. This includes creatures.
  • You must value your life in both PVE and PVP encounters. Do not make reckless decisions “for the luls” or abuse death mechanics to get around other mechanics.
  • Vote and event reward redemption for the RP server is done in-character at faction capitals only.
    • After a new season start reward redemption can only be done after the first 4 weeks or the 2nd admin-held auction, whichever happens first.
    • Blueprints are profession restricted, so you can’t ask for BPs of a profession you don’t know.
    • Creatures may be requested by all, but are still only breedable by Ranchers. No disabled or limited creatures may be requested.
    • Keep in mind that because wipes do happen about every 3 months on the RP server your rewards don’t go as far here as they would on the PVE cluster. Points will not be refunded after a season change wipe.
  • Child characters (15 or younger) should contain [C] in their name.
    • No child characters under the age of 10.
    • Child characters can only learn one profession. When they age into an adult they may RP learning a 2nd profession from someone with that profession.
  • Age is calculated by in-game days and for every 365 days that passes you may age by one year.
  • No erotic roleplay.
  • If you choose to kill your character before season end you may write a will stating who you want to leave your possessions to. The will needs to be sent in with an application for your new character before you kill your current character. The will must send items to an existing character, not who you come back as. If you don’t make a will and there is no one else in your tribe to take ownership of the items, everything is lost and may be “consumed by the void”.
  • Players are encouraged to host their own events, such as a karaoke night at a pub they built. Just avoid things that would interfere with the story. “Official” events will be listed on the website calendar.

Building Rules

  • Build as realistically as possible. Gates are not walls. Boxes are not houses. At least make an attempt at a real looking structure or you’ill be asked to change it.
  • Each tribe is allowed one main base and one outpost. An outpost is defined as any structure with 4 walls, a roof, and some type of functionality such as item and creature storage or crafting.
  • Do not build next to someone without asking permission of the tribe that was there first. If you are in render distance on max view distance, you need to ask. The exception to this is in designated areas where building next to each other will be required (for instance, a marketplace or faction-owned area where space may be limited).
  • Only build as big as you need.
  • Do not block rare resources, rare creature spawns, or important caves. “Important caves” include those containing creatures that can’t be found or are rare elsewhere, contain mass amounts of resources which may or may not be rare, artifacts, explorer notes, or are used for travel to another area.
  • Each tribe is allowed a maximum of 3 total rafts and/or boats.

Dino Rules

  • Tribe dino limit is set to 100.
  • Only those with the Rancher profession may tame anything beyond pet-tier (everyone may tame pets).
  • Only Ranchers may breed and raise creatures, including pets. A creature can initially be claimed by someone else, but it must stay with a Rancher until it becomes an adult.
  • Creatures should never be left unattended outside of your base. If found left somewhere and on passive or neutral, you will be given 48 hours notice via Discord before the creature will be “consumed by the void”. If a loose creature is set to aggressive, it will be “consumed” immediately. Any creatures “consumed” will not be replaced.

PVP Rules

  • PVP is limited to certain event areas of the map. Private residences are never to be attacked (for exceptions see the last line).
  • The PVP area for the current map is the Northern Tropical Island. All land there is considered a PVP zone. The small inlet there is also considered PVP and is marked by pillars with torches.
  • Any structures or creatures left in the PVP areas are fair game.
  • No Rock Drakes or Managarmrs in PVP.
  • Do not log out while in the PVP zone. You can still be killed and forfeit all items on you, even if logging out was not done on purpose.
  • If you enter the PVP zone and engage in PVP you must remain there for 15 minutes after your last PVP action or until killed.
  • If you die in PVP, you must wait a minimum of 10 minutes to return to battle or collect any of your belongings. If you return to battle, you should be roleplaying as though you were injured but patched up enough during the 10 minutes to return.
  • All turrets, plant included, must be set to “wild dinos only”.
  • Any killing of tamed creatures on passive or neutral outside of the PVP event area is forbidden. If a creature is set to aggressive you may defend yourself if attacked, but try to flee instead if possible. If an aggressive creature is loose please notify admins immediately with location and owner details.
  • “Kill on sight” is allowed after you have established without name tagging that the person you are attacking is indeed an enemy. That means initially you must roleplay figuring out who they are, whether from afar or by direct interaction.
  • If you choose to capture instead of kill a player:
    • You may only hold them captive for one hour before you must set them free or kill them, unless they agree to longer.
    • Captives must be inside of a PVP zone while captured to allow rescue attempts. (Rule 11 would be the only exception to this.)
    • Capturers should make an effort to RP with the captive the whole time.
    • If the captive logs out while captured, the 1 hour timer can be paused until they log back in. If the captive doesn’t come back soon or without good reason for leaving they can be subject to OOC punishment.
    • If the capturer must log off intentionally and no one else is able to monitor the captive in their place, the captive must be set free or killed.
    • If the capturer logs out due to something involuntarily, the 1 hour timer does not pause and the captive must still be released or killed on time. If they cannot return someone else may take over or admins need to be notified.
  • If agreed upon by everyone involved, PVP events can occur outside of the designated zones. Examples: friendly contests of power or RP territorial disagreements. You can discuss terms in or out-of-character, but an agreement must be made by both parties before PVP actions can be taken. Please inform the RP admin team when terms are agreed upon so we know what’s up.

My story began but a decade or so ago, back when I was still a young half-elf finding her way in this screwed up world. My small clan of half-something misfits, all rejected by their original tribes for “mingling” with outsiders, had been mostly slaughtered during a war we weren’t even involved in. Unfortunately, we just happened to be in the vicinity of the fighting and no one cared to ask if we wanted anything to do with it, they just wanted blood. I lost my parents, my friends, everything… So I was forced to leave and find my own way.

In my travels I ended up here, in the “Lands of the Floating Island” as the locals call it. The name makes sense I suppose, considering the actual floating island. Thing is, as special as this island was, no one knew how to get there or why it was floating in the first place. Boredom and, frankly, desperation forced me to join up with a band of traveling adventurers who were after gold and glory - they call themselves “Aurum Venatores”. They’re an alright bunch, but “gold and glory” isn’t so much my thing, so I only really stuck around for the company, food, and adventure. I love adventure, whether it leads to treasure or not.

Being the curious one I am, this floating island had me intrigued. I became obsessed and just had to figure out everything I could about it. In my search for knowledge I explored the many ruins scattered throughout the land. In many places I found writings and drawings, but the language was unknown to me so I could only assume from the drawings that the writings were describing something about the floating island and what power created it. One particular drawing showed a large beast throwing a huge chunk of land towards the sky, but another entity within the sky preventing it from leaving the atmosphere.

After a while I brought my findings to the leaders of the group and asked if they would consider sending a research party with me. They sent people to study my findings, but most of them shrugged it off as nothing more than scribbles from an ancient people. There was one, however, who refused to shrug it off stating that he had seen similar drawings and words in other ruins of civilizations lost. This particular fellow had been a traveler too in his youth and had seen more than the other researchers. Sadly, majority ruled, and it was deemed “uninteresting” enough to devote valuable resources to… But, like me, this fellow became obsessed with the floating island and wanted to find out more. Even though he wouldn’t be paid for it any further, he spent his time with me discovering what we could.

Eventually our findings lead us to a large cave leading to a larger set of ruins beneath a volcano. It took a lot of prep work, but it sure was worth it. There we found… well, a lot of angry things that didn’t like us being there, and we definitely didn’t almost fall into lava a few times... Beyond the angry things, however, was an artifact. Farther in, we found another, just as our studies told us we would. Each of us clutching an artifact, we got the heck out of there - partially cooked, but still alive.

These artifacts revealed so much to us. It seems that just by holding them you are able to gain the ability to understand the texts within these ruins. It turns out that we had discovered an ancient civilization known as Arryth. In their writings they described their gods, their rituals, and their society as a whole. It even seems as though they knew their society was coming to an end, but were entirely content with it, despite it being depicted as something quite violent.

Ever curious, we decided to see what else we could learn. We were lead to finding more artifacts, which lead to more knowledge and, in my case, a direct connection with the gods themselves. They spoke to me, acknowledging what we had found was true. Makt, the “head god” if you will, asked if I would assist her in bringing Arryth back into existence. Well, I wasn’t keen on the idea to be honest, but how can you refuse a god, and what else was I going to do with myself? It would be so much work, but it would also be quite the adventure. I agreed, my friend too, and here we are now, trying to rebuild this society. It’s not without its difficulties though, and I have a feeling we’re about to discover the true power of the Gods soon enough.

Oh, and you? This is your story too. What will you make of it?

Aurum Venatores


Aurum Venatores is a group of adventurers who seek gold and glory, with an emphasis on “gold”. Their quest for more sends them all over the world. Wherever treasure may be, you’ll likely find them.


They organize themselves in a direct democracy. A blind eye can sometimes be turned to crime when gold is involved, but when action is needed in the form of punishing a criminal the people vote on the sentence directly.


Dux de Omnia - The leader of Aurum Venatores and is responsible for overseeing the community as a whole. Acting as a guide for the group’s development, he or she sees to it that Aurum Venatores doesn’t crumble due to everyone’s self interests.


Aids the Dux de Omni in the running of the community. The Auxilium works more directly with the people and relays information to the Dux de Omni to keep them informed on all



Aurum Venatores is open to war. They understand that through the hardships of battle great wealth can be acquired, but they won’t fight if there isn’t an incentive for them personally.


Aurum Venatores believes that this is the only life you get and that you should enjoy all the luxuries it has to offer while you can. They often like to show off their wealth in whatever form it comes to them and won’t hesitate to brag if the opportunity arises.


Core Beliefs

Arrythians have a strong connection with nature and the spirit world. They believe all lives are sacred and should only be taken when there is no other option to defend one's own kin or for hunting purposes and everything possible should be used. Respect for nature itself is key - if you respect it then it will always provide for you.

Regarding crime

All typical crimes are punishable in addition to anything done against Arrythian belief. If a crime involves members of the religion only it can be taken care of silently in-house. A trial is held with a judge to oversee proceedings, which is usually the master shaman, and at least 2 jurors (keeping the total number odd to prevent tie votes) who decide alongside the judge if the party is guilty, majority ruling. Severity of the crime will dictate the punishment, usually decided solely by the judge, but can be decided with jury input too. If the crime was done by someone or to someone from outside of the religion, the outside tribe may or may not be consulted and allowed to deal with it themselves.

Regarding war

Arrythians will always try to settle disputes peacefully, but when not possible or when attacked first they will fight and lives may be taken. “All lives are sacred” still holds true even in war - the dead from both sides are given proper burials and the proper rituals performed. The exception is if the opposing side's surviving kin refuse this service.

Regarding “life after death”

Arrythians believe there is a spirit world - both good and bad go there, but keep separate from each other (for the most part). There is no typical “hell” for the bad and no “heaven” for the good, however, the good spirits are given more spiritual rewards and powers while the worst of the worst get absolutely no rewards and minimal, if any, powers - most people will be in-between somewhere. Bad spirits can redeem themselves in the afterlife, but the worst generally choose not to and may seek to become demons. Demons have more spiritual powers than other bad spirits and often use those powers to harm or even control the living. Good spirits can also seek to become angels to work against demons to help keep living beings safe from demonic attacks.

Animal spirits often do not go to the spirit world and are simply "recycled" by nature. The only way for an animal spirit to go into the spirit world is if that animal had a death ritual performed for it and a proper burial had. Often this is done for a beloved pet or loyal mount that the owner wishes to see again in the afterlife.

Regarding marriage

Arrythians believe any intelligent being can marry any other intelligent being, as long as love is the reason. As a fun event, but not binding, an animal couple may also be married, but because animals can’t speak and thus can’t consent to being married this is just for show and nothing more. In recent years it is customary for breeding pairs to have a wedding ceremony performed for them.


Makt: Deity of light and darkness, life and death. Created the other gods. Despite creating them, she very rarely orders them. Represents strength.

Artifacts: strong, devourer, brute

Alom: Sky, sun and moon deity. Represents knowledge.

Artifacts: clever, skylord, cunning

Vand: Water deity controlling all bodies of water and creatures living in water. Represents luck.

Artifacts: massive, immune

Voltan: Earth deity responsible for shaping the planet and maintaining all plant and animal life, other than what resides in water. Represents prosperity.

Artifacts: pack, hunter

  • Everyone chooses 2 professions, except child characters who only choose 1. A free set of ramshackle blueprints and starter currency for each profession can be obtained upon your first time visiting any faction capital.
  • Everyone is able to craft and repair primitive quality gear of any type, build up to stone and CKF villager pieces, and tame (but not breed or raise) pet-tier creatures regardless of profession.
  • Pets are the following: any shoulder creature, Dodo, Lystro, Kairuku, Dung Beetle, Dilo, Onyc, and Moschops.
  • If you wish to change a profession you may, but only within 1 week from the time you submitted your character application. You must return all blueprints associated with your profession and the starter currency if acquired. You may change one profession once only - further changes require you to kill your current character and start anew.


  • Able to tame and raise (includes breeding and hatching) 5 species and can breed all pet tier creatures.
  • Only 1 of 5 chosen species can be apex. Apex creatures are the following: Rex, Tek Rex, Spino, Yuty, Mosa, Tuso, Dunkelo, Bronto and Managarmr.
  • May breed and raise their chosen species and any pets owned by other people for them.
  • Babies must remain with the rancher until fully grown, but can be claimed by another person initially for imprint bonus, then unclaimed if the rancher is in another tribe.
  • Gets 100 gold starter currency.


  • Makes and repairs ramshackle+ saddles and hide or fur armor.
  • Gets 150 gold starter currency. Chooses 5 ramshackle saddle BPs to start with.


  • Makes and repairs ramshackle+ weapons and tools.
  • Gets 200 gold starter currency.


  • Makes and repairs ramshackle+ armor of all types.
  • Gets 250 gold starter currency.

Master Chef

  • Able to grow vegetables and makes all kibble, potions, and recipes (default or custom).
  • Gets 250 gold starter currency.


  • Makes metal, glass, greenhouse, and CKF castle tier pieces. In seasons where electricity or tek is allowed, they are the only ones who can craft and place those items.
  • Gets 300 gold starter currency.


  • Map: The Center
  • Whitelist.
  • Global chat off. All other text chats are considered “in-character” chats.
  • No electricity or tek. Changes per season.
  • Loot crates off.
  • Force default gamma.
  • Titanos, Gigas, Leeds, and Rock Elementals are disabled.
  • No transfers in or out.
  • No taming of fliers, but they are enabled. Rock Drakes and Managarmrs will be available in limited quantities and are not allowed to be used in PVP.
  • Exp x10.
  • Harvesting: 2.5x
  • Taming: 5x
  • Egg Hatch Speed: 5x
  • Maturation Speed: 10x
  • Wild Dino Max Level: 150
  • Player Max Level: 150


  • Jamon Stacks
  • Structures Plus - everything automated is disabled
  • Platforms Plus
  • Castles, Keeps, and Forts
  • Eco Trees
  • Eco’s Aberration Decor
  • Eco’s Shoppe Decor
  • Eco’s Garden Decor
  • Eco’s RP Decor
  • Eco’s Stable Structures and Decor
  • Advanced Rafts (except for seasons on Aberration or Extinction)
  • Marvelous Spyglass
  • Dino Storage v2 (this is only used by admins for events)
  • Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
  • Additional Emotes
  • Cute Hair
  • DLC & TEK Engram Unlocker
  • Capitalism Currency
  • Capitalism Player Trader

Decay Timers

  • Eco/Oil Pumps/Crop Plots - 3 Days
  • Thatch - 6 Days
  • Wood/Adobe/Dinos - 12 Days
  • Stone - 18 Days
  • Metal - 24 Days
  • Tek - 30 Days

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