As part of our community, we have an amazing team of admins ready to jump in and help out when ARK decides to do something weird. They’re all friendly and helpful and will always do their best to sort out whatever ARK throws at you. We won’t play the game for you, but we’ll try and make sure you can enjoy playing it yourself. Below, you can see a small snippet about each member of the team, as well as apply yourself if you think you have what it takes.


Lewimaron is the boss here.


Lami is not-so-angry German with two adorable cats.


The web wizard of the house.


I'm pretty friendly and will help anyone out should they need it, just remind me a few times, I'm pretty easily distract-OOOH A SQUIRREL!


I’m occasionally called “The Otter German” as well and I hate farming, but love building. As for my hobbies: “It's so hot (drinks milk) Milk was a bad choice”

Zainin (Toger)

Yo! I like cats, puns, steak, music, and rawr things. I hate Ark, but I guess I kinda like it too. Speenoz are teh best.

In order to liven things up on the servers, we have a team of players dedicated to running regular events. These can range from scavenger hunts, all the way to full on gladiator battles on our two dedicated event servers. You can see the status of the event servers above, and join by clicking the link. You can also read more about the event team below or even apply to become a member yourself.


Although we do try and keep things friendly and relaxed, we do occasionally have to enforce some rules. Most often, breaking the rules will result in receiving a strike. After three strikes you will be permanently banned from both the servers and the discord. We may however skip strikes if the actions warrant it.

General Community Rules

  • Be kind and respectful to other players in the community.
  • No “isms”. Includes Racism, Sexism, Ageism, etc
  • Do not spam or otherwise abuse the ticket system.
  • We are an English speaking community, please keep other languages to private and tribe chats.
  • Respect the decisions/authority of admins and founders.
  • Admins and Founders do speak to each other. Don't expect to speak to someone else and get a different outcome.
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