The Monthly Waffle (August 2018)

As a total opposite to last month, I have a massive amount of stuff to talk about this month!

Player of the Month

This month's player of the month was a very easy choice as he's been helping out a lot with the live system and managed to get a lot of fancy new stuff working on it! This month it's...

Nemo (Star Lord)

I'll be contacting him soon with either a Jamon T-Shirt or an ARK season pass!


Voting resets tomorrow as usual so don't forget to claim any points you've got left this month before it resets later tonight. Once it does reset you can check the voting page to see the number of points you now have to redeem this month. You have until the end of September to redeem them.

On the subject of voting rewards, there has been some confusion recently over whether it's a requirement to redeem them all at the same time to prevent admins from having to come back multiple times. When we first set up the current vote points system this was originally decided. However, since then, nobody's really enforced that rule or followed it at all and there are 9 of us so it's not really a big deal if we do have to visit one person a few times throughout the month. In light of that, I've made the executive decision to scrap that rule. The only reasons I can see for keeping it would be either laziness or technical issues with storing the number somewhere. One is completely invalid and the other we've been working round for months already so it's scrapped.


Traps have also been a discussion over the past month. According to the written guidelines that we have in the admin folder (which I'll get to again later) traps are considered clutter and are to be removed without warning. The exception to this is that there can be one public, unlocked trap. It's not the admin's job to build a trap, this is up to the community to build and maintain. Basically, if there's no existing trap then feel free to build one and make it public. If there is an existing public trap, either use it, or build you own temporary trap to use yourself. Any traps that are not public and available to use will be considered clutter. If there is more than one public trap, all but the most commonly used one will also be considered clutter and unnecessary. These traps will be subject to the same clutter policy as everything else. Speaking of the map cleaning policy...

Map Cleaning

It's been noticed that nobody has really been following the agreed, written up, map cleaning policy that we have in our admin folder. This is more of a note to admins but we do have a policy that we all agreed on and wrote down ages ago. I'm gonna post that policy here so that everyone can read it, suggest changes to it, and most importantly hold us to it. I may also consider adding a documents list somewhere with links to view a few of the different documents we've got in the folder. But for now, here is the map cleaning policy in all it's boring goodness:

Dinos found abandoned outside of base or on wander:

  • Post a screenshot of the dino and location in the map cleaning channel (discord mention if possible)
  • Wait 48 hours
  • Delete the dino if it hasn’t already gone and delete the post in map cleaning
  • If the timer on the dino is below 5 days, delete it immediately
  • If the same player/tribe is continually abandoning dinos issue a strike

Random clutter:

  • What counts as clutter:
    • Pillar Spam
    • Random Beds
    • Traps
    • Spike Walls
    • Anything that cannot reasonably be considered an outpost
  • Demolish immediately, don’t post a screenshot in map cleaning
  • If the person complains, tell them it was considered clutter and move on
  • If the same player/tribe is continually leaving clutter issue a strike

Bases in caves/blocking resources/explorer notes:

  • Post a screenshot in map cleaning channel (discord mention if possible)
  • Wait 48 hours
  • Demolish and issue a strike if the player hasn’t moved/removed it

Half Decayed Bases:

  • If the base is already half decayed, check that it is the main base of the tribe/player and then demolish the tribe completely. Do not post in the map cleaning channel
  • If it is not their main base, check the main base. If the main base is on the same timers then demolish the tribe. If the main base has been used more recently then just demolish the decaying outpost

If anyone has any suggestions for changes to it, feel free to post them in the suggestions discord channel. We've not been very good at following it recently but now it's public we hopefully won't have a choice.

Supply Drops

Now that the servers are relocated and Auction House is implemented and all that other fun stuff is out the way, my next project is going to be looking over all the supply drops and adjusting things a lot. Hopefully I'll be done with all the existing drops before Extinction comes out so I'll be able to move straight on to extinction drops. Again if anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them in the suggestions channel on discord.

Community feedback

Jess is going to be sorting out a regular community feedback form. This is hopefully going to cover things like admins, the discord, and pretty much anything that isn't a direct suggestion. There will be more info on that at some point soon.

ARK Image Competition

Zerehar's ARK image competition is still on the go! The details can be seen here:

Python Stuff

We're still looking for a Python developer to help improve the ARK Server Links in discord. If you know python, or someone who does, drop me a message and I'll show you what needs doing.

I know that was a lot of information, but hopefully it solves a few of the issues from the month. That's all for now, but if I survive the amount of junk food I'm going to be having during my birthday week I'll see you all next month for another waffle!