The Monthly Waffle (July 2018)

I've not got a massive amount of stuff to say this month so I'll just get right on with it!

Player of the Month

This month's player of the month is someone who's been very active in discord and I've been told that they've been very helpful and welcoming to new players. It is...


I'll be contacting him soon with either a Jamon T-Shirt or an ARK season pass.


Voting has been very good this month, we've been near the top of the front page for the whole month. Votes have now reset and new rewards are ready to be handed out. Check out the voting info page to see your totals and which rewards are available.

Server Relocation

This weekend (hopefully), all the main clustered servers are going to be relocated to a new machine. There is a reason for this, but I'll get to that later. There shouldn't be much downtime and hopefully once the servers are relocated everything will work seamlessly. I'll let you all know more details when I know them.

That's it for this month. I've got loads of stuff to do but there'll be more to say next month.