The Monthly Waffle (June 2018)

It's time again for my regular monthly waffle. This month is special as it's the first one posted on the new website! There's a few things to talk about to I'll just get going.

The New Website

The new website exists! If you're seeing this then you know it does. Unfortunately not as many people have signed up and used it as we hoped, and we haven't had any events in the calendar yet, but maybe that'll change. We're still looking at ways to improve stuff so hopefully once we do more people will come on and get things going. It probably also doesn't help that I haven't really announced it or encouraged people to come here until now... So we can all blame me.

Player of the Month

This month's player of the month is someone who's done some great work getting our YouTube channel going, and producing some great cinematic ARK stuff. It's obviously got to be Skipjuh. I'll be contacting you soon for either the ARK season pass or a T-Shirt. All of the video work he's done can be seen on the Jamon Paradigm YouTube channel here:


Voting has been better this month than the last couple and has been on an upward trend throughout the month. You can check the voting page on this site to see how many point you got in total last month, and then check the rewards section to decide what you want to redeem them for. Lets keep it up for July!

A new Competition

Since the wife carrying competition was so entertaining, Zerahar is working on coming up with an idea for a new competition to follow on from that! I'm not gonna say much yet, but it's probably gonna involve boxes, cupboards, and maybe other stuff. Just remember that whatever it is, it's all her idea :P

New Stuff

You may have noticed that we have a whole load of new commands to play with. This is the first phase of adding a load of tools to the ARK servers to make all of our lives easier, and to speed up our ability to resolve issues and deliver rewards. Sometime later this month, we're going to have a whole new system in place for people to be able to see all kinds of info about the ARK servers, their characters, and all the dinos on the map. It's still a work in progress but it's getting there. (Hint: In the image above)

I think that's just about everything. I'm never very good at closing these things off so, have a good month, and keep Jamon great!

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