New Website is now Live!!

Our new Website is now Live!

We've been working for months on getting a new website going and it's finally ready! As you can see, we have many new things. I'll go through a few of them now.


You can sign up and make an account. This can either be a standalone account, or it can be linked to your steam account (you can always add steam after registering). You'll need an account for pretty much everything on the site.

Donators and Design Team, message me on discord when you've signed up and I can add you to the website groups.


You're already here! On this page you can see all the latest server news and information. We've split it into a few different categories so you can choose which articles you are notified about.


It's a forum, what else can I say about it really :p


The calendar will show all the upcoming events on all our servers as well as all birthdays within the community. You can also sign up to participate in events from there.

Bugs and issues

If you spot any bugs and issues with the site then let us know and we'll get them fixed. Zerahar has been working really hard on everything but there may be something we've missed. We're all going to have to get used to using the website, so be patient while we get the hang of stuff. Also I'll get better at formatting news posts on here :p