About Our ARK Servers

We have a massive cluster of 11 separate maps and room to expand when we discover more! What’s better than 8 maps to choose from? Not having to choose, of course! Full cluster transfers are enabled between all the servers so you can move around freely.

Our goal with configuration has been, and always will be, to make progress accessible to people who have full time jobs and IRL commitments, whilst maintaining the challenging gameplay that ARK offers. This provides an engaging experience without the frustratingly long timers of official servers. We achieve this through a wide range of custom settings and mods that can all be read about here!

The Island

The Island

The one, the only, the original. The game's first map and an absolute must play for everyone.

Players Status Day Version
4 /100 online 9559 v309.42
The Center

The Center

A great map for beginners. Plenty of resources and great places to build with a tropical feel.

Players Status Day Version
1 /100 online 9972 v309.42


A huge Nordic themed map with wide open spaces and beautiful, realistic vistas.

Players Status Day Version
4 /100 online 9630 v309.42
Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

The game's first paid DLC map! An incredibly hostile desert; not recommended for beginners.

Players Status Day Version
0 /100 online 5172 v309.42


What happens when an ARK goes wrong? Aberration, that’s what! Be ready for anything...

Players Status Day Version
0 /100 online 9406 v309.42


Return to Earth to discover the past, the purpose of the ARK’s, and something terrible waiting for you.

Players Status Day Version
0 /100 online 9699 v309.42


Easily one of the best maps the community has ever created! Amazing scenery all around.

Players Status Day Version
3 /100 online 9622 v309.42


Modded map which combines abandoned technology and wild nature in a beautiful way.

Players Status Day Version
1 /100 online 9683 v309.42


One of the oldest modded maps, now brought back to life!

Players Status Day Version
0 /100 online 5881 v309.42
The Chasm

The Chasm

There is a huge chasm dividing nearly the entire map, as if the ARK had almost been torn apart, bringing a new challenge for survivors to face.

Players Status Day Version
0 /100 online 5713 v309.42


Set in a slightly fantasy style with high detailed biomes to explore.

Players Status Day Version
2 /100 online 5883 v309.42


Enter the simulation and face new challenges and an old foe...

Players Status Day Version
10 /100 online 818 v309.42


  • Harvesting: 2.5x
  • Taming: 5x
  • XP: 5x
  • Egg Hatch Speed: 5x
  • Maturation Speed: 10x
  • Wild Dino Max Level: 150
  • Player Max Level: 150 + Ascension
  • All engrams Unlockable
  • Fully Custom Supply Drops

Decay timers are set as follows:
  • Decor: 3 Days
  • Thatch: 6 Days
  • Wood: 12 Days
  • Stone: 18 Days
  • Metal: 24 Days
  • Tek: 52.5 Days
Please submit a sicket on our support page and we will be able to manually maintain your timers in the event that you are unable to play for upto a month. Please note that we will not reset timers for tribes with members currently online on other maps. Please speak to other tribe members and ensure they travel over and check on the base.


  • Jamon Stacks
  • ARK Additions: The Collection
  • The Chasm - Additional Creatures
  • Simple Spawners
  • Super Structures (S+)
  • Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered
  • Platforms Plus LTS
  • Auction House
  • Auction House Dino Preview
  • Meat Spoiler
  • Bitou2k's Binocular
  • Eco Trees
  • Eco's RP Decor
  • Eco's Shoppe Decor
  • Eco's Garden Decor
  • Eco's Terrariums
  • Editable Server UI
  • Map Specific Mods:
    • Valguero Dino and Map Extension
    • Eco's Aberration Decor
    • Eco's Extinction Decor
    • Eco's Scorched Earth Decor

BodyGuard System

Our custom Bodyguard system ensures you never lose your items from server issues or griefers. Here’s a quick overview;

  • Players outside your tribe cannot drag your body while you’re offline.
  • Players outside your tribe cannot access your corpse’s inventory.
  • Players outside your tribe cannot access your dead dinos inventories.
  • Players are immune to damage for 15 minutes after logging off to give people time to reconnect after a crash or disconnect.
  • Players are immune to damage for a further 3 minutes after logging in to give them time to recover from a crash or disconnect and regain their bearings.


Chat between all 11 of our servers is seamlessly linked by default! Everyone can see everything from every map as if it was sent from the same one. No big yellow text here!

Supply Drops

We have a fully custom supply drops across all our servers! No more compass and crop plot blueprints to be found. Every item in the game should be included somewhere and we’re always listening for suggestions on how to improve them.

Custom Balance Settings

Some species of dinos have been customized to make them more challenging. A full list of these can be seen here;

Dino Damage Multiplier Resistance Multiplier
Corrupted Rock Drake 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Reaper 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Arthropluera 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Carno 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Dilophosaurus 2.0 1.2
Corrupted Giganotosaurus 2.0 1.5
Corrupted Raptor 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Rex 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Spino 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Stego 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Trike 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Deathworm 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Wyvern 2.0 1.2
Corrupted Chalicotherium 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Paraceratherium 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Dimorphodon 1.5 1.2
Corrupted Pteranodon 1.5 1.2
Yeti 1.5 1.5
Ice Cave Polar Bears 2.0 1.5
Alpha Karkinos 1.5 1.2
Alpha Basilisk 1.5 1.2
Alpha Carno 1.5 1.2
Alpha Raptor 1.5 1.2
Alpha Rex 1.5 1.2
Alpha Megalodon 1.5 1.2
Alpha Tusoteuthis 1.5 1.2
Alpha Mosasaurus 1.5 1.2
Alpha Deathworm 1.5 1.2
Alpha Wyvern 1.5 1.2

Disabled Features

In order to keep the challenge of the game, and not erode any of the main gameplay elements, a few engrams and features are disabled. These are;

  • S+ Resource Pulling is disabled as we believe that inventory management is a key part of maintaining a base in PvE. It also has a significant effect on server performance when enabled on a busy server.
  • S+ Tek is disabled as it can be used without unlocking the tekgrams. This previously resulted in people buying tek from other players rather than defeating the bosses themselves.
  • S+ Tranq, Cannon, and Rocket auto turrets are disabled as they made it very easy to tame things. Especially with Quetz tranqing gunships.
  • S+ Automated farming structures are disabled as we believe farming is a key gameplay element that should not be automated.
  • Eco Trees placeable redwoods are disabled as they remove the uniqueness and challenge of building in the redwood biomes.
  • Flyer carrying of wild dinos is disabled to prevent griefing, and because we think taming in the wild is much more fun and challenging.
bPvEAllowTribeWar True
bPvEAllowTribeWarCancel True
bUseCorpseLocator True
bAllowUnlimitedRespecs True
bAllowPlatformSaddleMultiFloors True
bShowCreativeMode False
bAllowCustomRecipes True
CustomRecipeEffectivenessMultiplier 1.0
CustomRecipeSkillMultiplier 1.0
KillXPMultiplier 6.0
HarvestXPMultiplier 5.0
CraftXPMultiplier 3.0
GenericXPMultiplier 5.0
SpecialXPMultiplier 2.0
bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos True
bFlyerPlatformAllowUnalignedDinoBasing True
ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers 3.0
ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures 0.5
GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier 4.0
GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier 2.0
GlobalCorpseDecompositionTimeMultiplier 2.0
CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier 1.0
CropDecaySpeedMultiplier 1.0
LayEggIntervalMultiplier 1.0
PoopIntervalMultiplier 1.0
HairGrowthSpeedMultiplier 0.5
MatingIntervalMultiplier 0.75
EggHatchSpeedMultiplier 5.0
BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier 11.5
BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier 1.0
BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier 0.145833333333
BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier 1.0
BabyCuddleLoseImprintQualitySpeedMultiplier 0.5
BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier 1.0
MaxNumberOfPlayersInTribe 100
bPvEDisableFriendlyFire False
bAutoPvETimer False
StructureDamageRepairCoolDown 0.0
DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier 2.0
PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier 1.0
DinoTurretDamageMultiplier 1.0
bDisableLootCrates False
SupplyCrateLootQualityMultiplier 0.55
FishingLootQualityMultiplier 2.0
bDisableStructurePlacementCollision True
bLimitTurretsInRange True
LimitTurretsRange 10000
LimitTurretsNum 100
bHardLimitTurretsInRange True
OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer 2270008
OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino 2309785
AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle True
AllowFlyerCarryPVE False
AllowCaveBuildingPvE True
DisableWeatherFog true
ForceFlyerExplosives True
AllowMultipleAttachedC4 True
TribeNameChangeCooldown 15.0
AllowHideDamageSourceFromLogs True
ShowFloatingDamageText True
AllowHitMarkers True
AllowRaidDinoFeeding False
RaidDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier 1.0
DifficultyOffset 1.0
OverrideOfficialDifficulty 5.0
XPMultiplier 1.0
TamingSpeedMultiplier 5.0
ResourcesRespawnPeriodMultiplier 2.0
PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier 3.0
MaxPlatformSaddleStructureLimit 100
TheMaxStructuresInRange 15000
PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops True
OverideStructurePlatformPrevention False
AllowDeprecatedStructures True
ForceAllStructureLocking True
DisableDinoDecayPvE False
DisableStructureDecayPvE False
PvPStructureDecay True
PvEStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier 1.5
PvPStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier 1.5
PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier 1.5
AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier 1.5
AutoDestroyDecayedDinos True
OxygenSwimSpeedStatMultiplier 1.0
GlobalVoiceChat False
ProximityChat False
NoTributeDownloads False
PreventDownloadSurvivors False
PreventDownloadItems False
PreventDownloadDinos False
PreventUploadSurvivors False
PreventUploadItems False
PreventUploadDinos False
TributeItemExpirationSeconds 604800
TributeDinoExpirationSeconds 604800
TributeCharacterExpirationSeconds 604800
MaxTributeDinos 250
MaxTributeItems 150
AutoSavePeriodMinutes 30
ServerCrosshair True
ServerForceNoHUD False
AllowThirdPersonPlayer True
AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft True
DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined False
ShowMapPlayerLocation True
MaxPersonalTamedDinos 200
PersonalTamedDinosSaddleStructureCost 9.0
AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures False
serverPVE True
EnablePVPGamma True
DisablePvEGamma False
PreventSpawnAnimations False
ClampResourceHarvestDamage False
StructurePreventResourceRadiusMultiplier 0.5
KickIdlePlayersPeriod 2400
MaxTamedDinos 8000
BanListURL "http://arkdedicated.com/banlist.txt"
AdminLogging False
RCONEnabled True
ListenServerTetherDistanceMultiplier 1.0
RCONServerGameLogBuffer 600.0
StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement 60.0
CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads True
Duration 20
SessionName [UK]The Jamon Paradigm PvE Cluster
MaxPlayers 100
AllowMultipleTamedUnicorns True
UnicornSpawnInterval 24
VolcanoIntensity 1.0
VolcanoInterval 0.0
EnableVolcano True
ManifestRange 10000
TransporterRange 5000
DisableCreaturePurchasing False
DisableCreatureSelling False
DisableFertilizedEggPurchasing False
DisableFertilizedEggSelling False
DisableItemPurchasing False
DisableItemSelling False
DisableBlueprintTrades False
EnableSingleplayerTrades False
DisallowFlyerDinos False
DisallowWaterDinos False
DisallowScorchedEarthClasses False
DisallowAberrationClasses False
DisallowExtinctionClasses False
DisallowModdedClasses False
MaxItemQualityIndex 255
MaxPaymentAmount 100000
MaxDinoLevel 1000
FeeCurrencyOverride PrimalItemResource_Metal_JStacks_C
HarvestAmountMultiplier 2.5
WorldScanMaxStructures 20
WorldScanMaxDinos 20
WorldScanMaxPlayers 20
UseStructureLimits False
StatsDelay 3
DisableTraceFloatingHUD False
DisableNightVision False
DisableRadarESP False
DisableDinoPoints False
EnableQuickClimb False
NoFoundationsRequired False
AdditionalSupportDistanceInFoundations 0
ElevatorWeightMultiplier 2.0
ElevatorSpeed 250
DisablePickup false
DisablePickupWhenDamaged True
DisablePickupAfterTimeInSeconds 0.0
DisableResourcePulling True
ResourcePullRangeInFoundations 25
DisableAbilityToHideStructures False
EnableGeneratorDecay True
DisableGeneratorDuringStorm True
DisableElectronicsDuringStorm True
RemoveScorchedEarthInsulationPenalty False
MinWindForTurbine 20
TurbineMaxPowerDistanceInFoundations 30
GardenerRangeInFoundations 10
SheepHerderRangeInFoundations 10
DefaultDoorConfig 0.0
LargeWallHP 40000
XLWallHP 120000
FenceHP 10000
GrinderResourceReturnPercent 25
GrinderResourceReturnMax 10000
AnimalTenderSlotCount 300
BeeHiveSlotCount 24
BeerBarrelSlotCount 25
BookshelfSlotCount 600
CampfireSlotCount 10
ChemBenchSlotCount 100
CloningChamberSlotCount 600
CompostBinSlotCount 25
CookingPotSlotCount 25
FabricatorSlotCount 300
FarmerSlotCount 300
FeedingTroughSlotCount 100
FireplaceSlotCount 25
ForgeSlotCount 50
FridgeSlotCount 100
GardenerSlotCount 300
GasCollectorSlotCount 24
GeneratorSlotCount 8.0
GenomicsChamberSlotCount 100
GrinderSlotCount 200
HatcherySlotCount 30
IndustrialCookerSlotCount 100
IndustrialForgeSlotCount 100
IndustrialGrillSlotCount 100
ItemCollectorSlotCount 300
LargeCropPlotSlotCount 30
LargeStorageSlotCount 90
MediumCropPlotSlotCount 20
MetalStorageSlotCount 100
MortarAndPestleSlotCount 50
NannySlotCount 100
PreservingBinSlotCount 50
ReplicatorSlotCount 600
SheepHerderSlotCount 300
SmallCropPlotSlotCount 10
SmallStorageSlotCount 30
SmithySlotCount 300
SSAutoTurretSlotCount 75
SSCraftingStationSlotCount 300
SSHeavyTurretSlotCount 300
TekTroughSlotCount 300
TekTurretSlotCount 15
TreeSapSlotCount 5.0
VaultSlotCount 600
VesselSlotCount 20
VivariumSlotCount 100
AutoCrafterSlotCount 500
AutoCrafterCraftingSpeed 1.0
BeerBarrelCraftingSpeed 1.0
CampfireCraftingSpeed 1.0
ChemistryBenchCraftingSpeed 4.0
CompostBinCraftingSpeed 1.0
CookingPotCraftingSpeed 1.0
ElementCatalyzerCraftingSpeed 1.0
FabricatorCraftingSpeed 1.0
ForgeCraftingSpeed 1.0
FireplaceCraftingSpeed 2.0
FridgeCraftingSpeed 1.0
GrinderCraftingSpeed 1.0
IndustrialCookingPotCraftingSpeed 12
IndustrialForgeCraftingSpeed 1.0
IndustrialGrillCraftingSpeed 1.0
MortarAndPestleCraftingSpeed 1.0
PreservingBinCraftingSpeed 1.0
ReplicatorCraftingSpeed 12.0
SmithyCraftingSpeed 1.0
SSCraftingStationCraftingSpeed 1.0
RestrictDemoGunPickup True
ItemCollectorRangeInFoundations 25
DisableItemCollectorPoopDistribution False
FarmerRangeInFoundations 30
RaidTimerLimitMultiplier 2.0
GrinderReturnBlockedResources False
CloningSpeedMultiplier 1.0
CloningCostMultiplier 1.0
DisableCloningCostMaximum False
ShieldRespawnDelayInSeconds 3600
ShieldRegenDelayInSeconds 600
ShieldHealth 250000
MinShieldPlacementDistanceInFoundations 8.0
DisableShieldPlacementOnRaftsAndSaddles False
MinTeleporterPlacementDistanceInFoundations 8.0
PersonalTeleporterBeaconLifespanInSeconds 300
DisablePersonalTeleporterBeacon True
BeeHiveWateringRangeInFoundations 30
BeeHiveHoneyIntervalInSeconds 180
DisableAbilityToPlaceVacuumCompartmentsAboveWater True
DisableAbilityToPlaceTekGeneratorOnSaddles False
DisableAbilityToPlaceTeleporterOnSaddles False
BedCooldownTimeInSeconds 1.0
BunkBedCooldownTimeInSeconds 1.0
TekBedCooldownTimeInSeconds 1.0
HatcheryRangeInFoundations 15
HatcheryIncubationMultiplier 1.0
AllowAdminToDemoAnyTribeWithDemoGun True
RemoveFloorRequirementFromStructurePlacement True
DisableDinoScan True
DisableDinoScanDetails True
DisableDinoScanMap True
AllowIntakeToPlaceWithoutWater True
AllowTekItemBlueprintCreation False
MutatorPulseCost 50,50,50,50,50,50,100
MutatorBuffMaxStackCount 1.0
TekGeneratorFuelUseIntervalInSeconds 16200
NannyRangeInFoundations 10
NannyMaxImprint 100
DisableNannyImprinting True
MinimumGlassTransparency 0.0
AnimalTenderRangeInFoundations 50
FeedingTroughAdditionalRangeInFoundations 15
TekFeedingTroughAdditionalRangeInFoundations 15
RemoveLearnedEngramRequirementFromConverter False
DisableCrossTeamTeleport False
DisableTeleporterOnAbberation True
MutatorRangeInFoundations 10
RepulserMaxStrength 11
DisableFoundationStacking false
PreventTransmitterPickup True
DisableShieldRadiationProtection False
AllowDynamicPillarNonFoundationSupport True
AllowInterDynamicPillarSupport True
DisableVivariumPlacementOnSaddles False
RemovePowerRequirementFromVivarium False
VivariumEggIntervalSeconds 1800
VivariumOviIntervalMultiplier 0.1
VivariumMaleEggChanceBonus 0.3
VivariumFemaleEggChance 0.5
NannyIntervalInSeconds 35
AllowMakingWeaponsAndArmorBPs false
AllowPersonalTeleporterInBossArena false
ShieldRadiusMultiplier 1
ChargeInjectorAllowTekGen False
RemoveGrinderEngrams GasBall
MutatorModeBlacklist AllowBreeding,GenderAssign,GenderSwap,Corrupt
IsImmuneToDamage False
DisableTekPlatformShield False
DisableTekShieldRadiationProtection False
PlatformPickupTime 10
WedgePickupTime 5.0
CeilingIsFoundation false
StackedFoundationHasFullHP false
SettlerIsStone false
SettlerIsMetal false
SettlerIsTek false
VillagerIsWood false
VillagerIsMetal false
VillagerIsTek false
KeepIsWood false
KeepIsStone false
KeepIsTek false
DisableAutomaticDoors false
PickupWhenDamaged false
DisablePickupDelayTimer false
StructureCraftingSpeed 1
StructureCookingSpeed 1
HarvestingMultiplier 1.0
AddBuffOverlay True


Although we do try and keep things friendly and relaxed, we do occasionally have to enforce some rules on the servers. All the general rules for the community as a whole can be seen on the community page, but there are some specifics for the ARK servers. Most often, breaking the rules will result in receiving a strike. After three strikes you will be permanently banned from both the servers and the discord. We may however skip strikes if the actions warrant it.

General Server Rules

  • PvP is not allowed. This includes anything that could be seen as causing harm to another player or their creatures. Griefing is not acceptable.
  • Supply drops, element veins, and wyvern/rock drake eggs are first come first served. Do not steal from someone who was there first.
  • Cluttering the map with structures and dinos is not allowed. Please clean up after yourselves when you leave an area. This includes taming pens, beds, sleeping bags, and dinos abandoned at obelisks.
  • Do not prevent resource respawns. This includes not emptying beaver dams and dropping low level wyvern/rock drake eggs.
  • No hacking or making use of exploits.

Rule Enforcement

  • Three strikes will result in the player being permanently banned from the community.
  • Warnings may be given before receiving a strike.
  • Players can be banned without 3 strikes if deemed necessary by an Admin or Founder.

Building Limits

The following limits are applied to building on the servers and buildings in violation of these rules are subject to removal without warning

  • Each solo player is allowed one base with a maximum size of 150m x 150m, one outpost, and one water pen per server. (Temporary structures like taming pens and sleeping bags are fine so long as you pick them up when you are finished.)
  • Each tribe of two or more players is allowed one base with a maximum size of 200m x 200m, one outpost, and a water pen.
  • An outpost or water pen can be a maximum of 100m x 100m.
  • Bases, outposts, and water pens can be combined into one larger area but must not exceed the combines size allowed for all three.
  • Bases cannot block artifact caves, obelisks, explorer notes, supply drops, large resource clusters, or through paths.
  • Do not build within render distance of another base. If you would like to, you must ask the person who was there before you begin building.
  • Do not build within 350m of obelisk terminals.
  • Bases and Outposts need to be more than 2x2 and contain a bed, and a storage unit. If these are not present, it will be considered clutter and cleared out.
  • Resource collectors such as oil pumps, Gas Collectors, and sap taps do not count as an outpost if they are unlocked.
  • Locked resource gatherers (Oil Pumps, Gas Collectors, Sap Taps) count as an outpost, and a tribe can only have one locked/blocked collector per map.

Vote for Rewards!

You want more people to play with? You want cool ingame rewards? Then this is the right place! You can vote for up to 3 of our ARK servers per day on ARK-Servers.net in order to help boost their rank and make them more visible to new players. You can do this at the three links below! But what do you get for voting? Each vote earns you one silver coin in our Store. These points can then be used to purchase ingame items and creatures, as well as a variety of other services such as imprinting, recolours, and renaming your character.


Have you been voting regularly? Do you want to see how you compare to everyone else? The you’re in the right place! Check the list here to see if you’ve made the top 25 voters of of all time.

Player Name All Time Points
ricalt 1304
Paul 1229
Roderik0103 1226
Sotimurp 1183
Lewimaron 1156
Skipjuh[PCS] 1064
Mediocrity 913
blazzzter 890
Thunderiel 831
ZeaX 802
CaptainTobi 758
djfaz 747
Pentz 673
Gin 650
Am I a cat? 585
LordPixels 573
Leena Inverse 565
Zefix [AUT] 547
Wohn 545
Sasa 526
Pete 522
Social Distancing 480
MordredFarStrider 467
realityx7 449
Colgar 437
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