Welcome to The Jamon Paradigm!

A fun and friendly gaming community!

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Welcome to The Jamon Paradigm!

We’re fun friendly gaming community with members all over the world. We currently have over 700 members and we’re growing daily. Check out our ARK: Survival Evolved servers, or just join the discord and chat with our friendly players, whatever you chose we hope you really enjoy your time with us.

Community News

Ark Triathlon

this is a reminder that the triathlon will be taking place next Sunday, the 13th, at pm GMT (11am EST) and at 9pm GMT (4pm EST). Arrive early to participate as no one that shows up after the race has started will have any chance of winning.

Small update

from now on, the boosted rates can be found from the website calendar! If they don't match what you experience ingame, blame Lewi for forgetting to check it

Weekly Meeting

We've just had our weekly admin meeting and we talked about a load of stuff!
I made a load of suggestions, these included:
- Buffing all the bosses to make them harder

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