We are the Jamon Paradigm, a fun friendly gaming community based in the UK, but with members all over the world.

We host a number of servers, and play pretty much anything we fancy at the time.
This includes, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rocket League, GTA V, Dead by Daylight and many more.

We have a lively and active discord server where we often spend hours chatting late into the night.
Come in and join the fun, play some games, and make new friends.


Here at the Jamon Paradigm, we have our very own dedicated windows server specially configured for maximum gaming performance! This server has state of the art hardware chosen to offer the best performance with games. This includes loads of RAM, a lightning fast CPU and full NVMe SSD storage.

Having our own dedicated server allows us to decide when we take the server up and down, this means we can plan well in advance and choose times that impact gameplay the least. It also means we don't have to worry about a provider cramming too many servers onto a single machine.

Intel i7 7700K


Two 450GB NVMe Drives

Windows Server 2016

ARK: Survival Evolved

We currently host ARK servers for all the official maps. These servers are all clustered allowing you to transfer your dinos, items, and character between them. This ensures you have access to all the official content.

Our goal with the server configuration is to make all the content accessible to casual players, while still maintaining the difficulty and core of the survival genre. This means everything has slight boosts, while certain features have been toned down. We also have a number of mods focussed on building and decoration to encourage some epic base building.

In order to help build up a playerbase and to keep the community growing, you can help by voting for our 3 main servers every day. (Ragnarok, The Island and Aberration)

We offer rewards for continued voting, these are as follows:

85Perfect tame 150 dino, and a quality 10 blueprint of your choice
68A perfect tame 150 dino of your choice with a quality 10 saddle
51A quality 10 blueprint of your choice
34A quality 10 Item of your choice
17Two dinos of your choice colour mutated by an Admin, or two skins


We have a wide variety of merch available on our store. This includes everything from hoodies, mugs, and stickers. A sample of our merch can be seen bellow, worn by actual members of our community.


Servers are expensive - really expensive. Like 100's of pounds per month expensive. If we want to expand we're gonna need the communities help. You can contribute towards the running of the server, and the website, by either using our Patreon to donate monthly, or by making a one off donation directly using our Paypal link.

Whichever way you donate, you will be rewarded with either ingame items, or merchandise from our store.